1992 – The first Ferrari Calendar

Made by Monty Shadow

Monty Shadow was innovates entering the Ferrari world.

Monty Shadow is the photographer commissioned by Ferrari to create the first official calendar in the history of Ferrari. Since that time he publishes book~ dedicated to this magnificent world Brand that become his new home.

A limited edition of 8000 copies, all strictly numbered.

Monty had frequented Ferrari for many years: he knew Enzo Ferrari very well since the days when Gilles Villeneuve raced for that team in the 1980s. He used to frequent Maranello and had established a good relationship with both Enzo and Piero Ferrari. Monty had a wonderful relationship with Gilles Villeneuve, so much so that Gilles used to fly with his personal helicopter from Milan, where he would put Monty on his plane, and then reach Tullio Abbate, on Lake Como, where Gilles used to dedicate himself, in moments of relax, take care of and race with his F1 water boat, at the arsenal of Tullio Abbate who with his company was the point of reference for speedy boats with which he won dozens of world championships in this category.

In one of the last meetings with Tullio Abbate we talked about the beautiful relationship between Gilles and Monty. “Giulles used to carry with him the toolbox with which he himself used to repair the engine of his Spedy Boat. He unloaded it from his helicopter and then, when he left, he brought it back to the helicopter. The last time Tullio saw Gilles was the time before his death in the tragic accident on the track, and Tullio said that that was the time that Gilles had left his toolbox in his construction site where his motorboat was stored. It was the only and the last time Gilles didn’t bring his toolbox with him.