A place to keep in thematic areas ideas, writings and projects realized or just thought of in life. A place of memory to discover the magic Monty’s Shadow creativity in fields that are little known but which in some way have left their mark on the worlds which he crossed.


Through the memories of those who knew him a way to keep forever the memories that each of them carries inside to be able to transmit the ideas and values ​​in which they have always lived.

Salvador Dali’

In London working for Conde ‘Nast Vogue, becoming a great photographer, inspired by culture and school education. Monty Shadow was the photographer in charge of shooting Salvador Dali’ in Cadaques for the Magazine “Scarab”made by Scabal, a Luxury Belgian textile company .

Ferrari Calendar

Monty Shadow is the photographer commissioned by Ferrari to create the first official calendar in the history of Ferrari in 1992. Since that time he publishes book~ dedicated to this magnificent world Brand that become his new home.

Mercedes Calendar

As a Communications and Marketing consultant for Mercedes for many years, was involved  in the acquisition phase of AMG, and in the subsequent entry into Formula 1, in the collaboration with IWC as well as in the birth of the Maybach project and in the development of the Mercedes calendar inspired by the work of the great artist Mimmo Rotella.

Memories of Friends

A collection of memories through the words of those who knew him and who discovered a discreet and present friend over time despite great distances. Piero Ferrari, Nick Foulkes, Gerard Berger, Jean Todt, Paolo Cohelo, Stefano Domenicali, Edwin Moses, Mick Doohan…. and more.

F1 world

Monty has lived and met the greatest interpreters of the sports world and has created special relationships with them form Bernie Ecclestone  to Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, Gerard Berger, Jeans Alesi,  Stefano Domenicali. Piero Ferrari and more…..


“Monty Shadow helped create one of the 21st century’s most successful watch brands.”Panerai. From automotive (Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bmw, Mercedes, Amg, Ducati…) to fine jewelery passing through the world of watchmaking. He was one of the first in the world to believe in cross branding and implemented it in various contexts.

The Celebrities

Working as photographer for Vogue UK and Vogue Italia, his life in the shadow of fashion has seen him witness and participate in the birth of pret  a porter. Former film producer and publisher of top magazine in USA, allowed him to mix these worlds by seeing him participate in great encounters in history. He created international events, in which the world of cinema, music and fashion met to explode in their communicative power.

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