“We want disseminate and preserve the values ​​of the artistic, cultural, ethical and aesthetic heritage of “Monty Shadow”

Exhibition sneak peek

February 22 to 25 – 2024
St Moritz

“The Monty Shadow Foundation  exposed in St.Moritz  15 of Monty’s most beloved shots that show a Senna in his spontaneous appeal as a man who became a “Myth“

We are “no- profit organization” dedicated to  internationally renowned photographer “Monty Shadow”.

Our mission

“Support photographers and artists through scholarships, competitions or other events anyware in the world.”

Monty Shadow

“.. always extraordinary full of energy with a positive impetus that came from the fact that it was felt even from a distance that he was a person with a disruptive personality.”


Stefano Domenicali – Ceo F1


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the project

intends to preserve the stories relating Monty Shadow, to allow retracing his long creative activity which has spanned the last 40 years of the history of communication. To document and bear witness to the role and relationships with the worlds in which he has been a participant: from the sport to cinema, fashion, culture, art, luxury, editorial world at national and international level.

Salvador Dali photographed by Monty Shadow. 1970

Monty’s stories

Panerai Story

published on Vanity Fair “On time 2022 by Nick Foulkes

“I Will miss Monty Shadow, a great bear-like man with a booming voice, glossy black ringlets……. ” Nick Foulkes Speaking about Monty Shadow

Ayrton Senna friendship

the Sneak peak 2024 in St Moritz

Ayrton Senna and Monty Shadow shared their friendship until the champion’s death in 1994.Ayrton “myth” kind with a look “sweet”, he struck the heart of those who loved him, and that his friend has never forgotten.

Laureus Sport for Good

Monty Shadow was the creator and one of the founders of the Laureus World Sport Awards – the sport’s oscar – supporting its growth as well as the development of the social movement “Laureus Sport For Good” in which Richemont-Mercedes joined forces

St Moritz Art Masters

Monty Shadow was creator and founder of St Moritz Art Masters festival. The most prestigious art and cultural event, unique to the world.