gerard berger

gerard berger

Gerhard Berger is an Austrian former Formula One racing driver in Ferrari team, speak about Monty crazy ideas…..

What do you think about Monty?  I think the same today then at the time: completely crazy!…. but he had the crazy look, he had a crazy behavement, he has the crazy ideas, but in a very nice way.

…I mean special for him was his hair….so he’s hair… and and we know already from the back: this is Monty. But I think what I really remember him is:you met sometimes people what have a lot, a lot  of ideas,  new ideas and a Monty  was one of these persons. He all day long.. he tried to sink what he can improve for he can make better…what he what he can turn into business…. what he can turn into photos…so it wasn’t very interesting personality…but also he was in some way very special personality, as you see before: from the look, from the ideas but also the way how he was…

He had a big heart… he was a friend…. he was funny….he was loving the whole day long so…. we all we all like his company.

When Ayrton ( Senna) and my self  was traveling or make some holidays Monty most around made some nice photos and the same time listen what we say and try to have ideas to it.  It was always a pleasure to have him around.… so I miss him very much, I also only a thank you  because trough is network I met a lot of interesting person as Johaan Rupert was very very close to him very close friend…..introduced me to him ….. or Sylvester Stallone or Jurgen Schreemp…. so he had his fingers everywhere and it was always a pleasure to see how he puts people together…..I cannot believe that he’s not her.. he was a good guy he was a good friend and we all liked him a lot.

“…We all remember him as an extremely creative photographer, extremely creative man who came over the years across friend. I remember him back in the 80s when I started in Formula 1 and I met Monty, he was always around,  he had always six thousand ideas on the business side but also on his professional side.  He had as fantastic network and over the month is over the years he came across friend of myself and of course as we all know from Ayrton.”

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