stefano domenicali

stefano domenicali

Stefano Domenicali talk about Monty’s life in the Formula One. Stefano Domenicali is an Italian manager and the current CEO of Formula One Group.

“I met him when it was Imola and he saw me growing up….. I was a boy attending scientific high school and when there were races I went to help the organization in the paddock…. I was 14 … I was really a child. Monty used to call me “Hello baby!”… and he called everyone baby …. he gave you an incredible charge…

Monty was always with Bernie and I remember the beautiful and strong friendship with Bernie Eclclestone… I remember his important and imposing presence… always extraordinary full of energy with a positive impetus that came from the fact that it was felt even from a distance that he was a person with a disruptive personality.

…I remember asking: “But who was that person, what does or does not do?” I must say that we became friends and we grew up in parallel: I first in the world of Ferrari and then in Formula 1, and he with the great professional relationships we had with Formula 1 and with many teams with many commercial partners. The beautiful and strong friendship with Bernie Ecclestone….

…..Even when I left the world of Ferrari in Formula 1, I went to Lamborghini and we developed projects together….we were close until the end….he has traveled a path that has always been close to me in which we have crossed paths many times and I must say he has always been…an extraordinary person full of a charge that is difficult to find other people .

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