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Monty Shadow

Father Montenegro – Mother Croatian

After college he studied in Zagreb with two Masters in World Literature and Archeology, starting to work as a university assistant.

1969 – leaves Zagreb and devotes himself to journalism and photography.


1970 – goes to London and works for Conde ‘Nast Vogue, becoming a great photographer, inspired by culture and school education.


1975 – lt is affirmed with the name of Monty Shadow, and through travels and a new vision of the world, it reaches the United States where it amplifies its popularity in the field of photography from New York to Los Angeles.


1980 – his vast experience extends to the world of cinema and builds a platform of relationships in which art, photography, culture and quality become a communicative force. Together with Jason Binn, he creates 12 most famous magazines from the United States such as Ocean Drive, Hamptons, Gotham, etc …


1990 – returns to London as a free lance and works in Europe in London, Paris, Milan, Rome and follows in large communications companies such a Ferrari, Fila, Bmw, Mercedes, Stefano Ricci, Armani, Versace, Ducati, Cagiva. Esso and more… and works for newspapers like Vogue, Moda, King and the most famous European magazines.


He founded his “Symbol Magazine” which became the communication platform for the most iconic luxury brands in the world such as: Rolls Royce, Riva Boats, Ferrari, Jet Executive … widening the horizons of photography to never before reached limits.


1992 – innovates entering the Ferrari world with which he publishes book~ dedicated to th is magnificent world Brand that become his new home.

1998 – leaves the world of photography and becomes one of the men of the Richemont Group and advisor of Johann Rupert until 2018.


For 20 years from 1996 to 2017 DAIMLER MERCEDES BENZ image maker marketing and communication visionary. Juergen E. Schrempp been inspired by him and bought AMG. Dieter Zetsche have been inspired by his imagination to start Formula 1 MERCEDES BENZ AMG Seven-Time World Champion.


The same year he decides to collaborate with Taschen, the most important publisher and editor-publisher in the world that make books and culture giant book unique in the planet.


2000 – He was one of the founder and creators of  Laureus World Sport Award and Sport For Good and his social movement. with Richemont-Mercedes.


2008 – 2018 – He was the Creator and Founder of St Moritz Art Masters, the most prestigious art, cultural event, unique to the world.


He also creates unique Symbol Art Masters Foundation and create with the prestigious Cartier  the Life Achievement Award with more of 400 artist in St Moritz related art, photography, design, architecture


St. Moritz Art Masters and Symbol Art Foundation; in one word, is symbol of quality and culture, that promote Engadin St. Moritz around the world.




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